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Documentation is targeting ProMotion 2.3.x. Any exceptions will be noted.

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Getting Started

Getting Started with ProMotion

Everything you need to know to install ProMotion and create your first iPhone app.


ProMotion's goal is to create a memorable, simple, intuitive, and enjoyable API for rapidly developing screen-based iPhone and iPad apps.

  • Memorable: The API should be easy to memorize. Developers shouldn't have to be digging through documentation all the time to build out iOS apps.
  • Simple: The API should utilize simple language, such as open, close, add, remove. Cocoa Touch is far too verbose.
  • Intuitive: The API should make sense, even to developers unfamiliar with ProMotion.
  • Enjoyable: The API should make developers feel like they're programming with purpose rather than implementing boilerplate. It should make iPhone and iPad development fun.

The philosophy behind ProMotion is to be a friendly and welcoming community to new iOS/RubyMotion developers. Many new ProMotion developers come from the web development world (Ruby on Rails, PHP) and have a lot of questions. Others come from non-English-speaking countries and may have difficulty understanding the documentation. The more experienced ProMotion developers are encouraged to answer new developers' questions in good humor and with encouragement and patience.

The current roadmap is to continue evolving the code's quality, performance, and maintainability. No major new features are currently planned. Most new features will be implemented in the form of add-on gems, of which there are several already.

I don't want ProMotion to become bloated with little-used features. The features we've implemented so far have been commonly used ones that aren't easily available in other compatible and popular RubyMotion libraries. We will carefully consider pull requests, but the measure of whether something is accepted or not depends not only on its code quality but also its relevance and future maintainability.

Visit the links in the sidebar to learn more about ProMotion's API.

Primary Contributors

Contributor Twitter
Jamon Holmgren @jamonholmgren
Mark Rickert @markrickert
Silas J. Matson @silasjmatson
Ryan Linton @ryanlntn


Matt Brewer @macfanatic

Many others contribute every day!